Happy New Year

The SWAG On Central will be closed on New Year’s Day. We wish you the best in the coming New Year. We look forward to seeing you in 2019!

Vintage Body Surfing Board

We are selling a Vintage Boogie Board. These boards are also known as body surfing boards, bellyboards and paipo boards. The Hawaiian-styled wooden bellyboards, known as paipo boards, are believed to have been used by children, in the early 18th century, as an intermediary step to stand-up surfing. Our board is made of wood laminate and likely dates to the
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Thousands of Vintage Matchbooks

The SWAG sells vintage bar and tobacco collectibles, including thousands of Vintage Matchbooks, with advertising that will bring back fun memories. We just acquired several dozen vintage pipes and vintage cigarette holders. Please see them on display at the SWAG.

Great Selection of Antique and Vintage Postcards

The SWAG sells postcards that range in ages from the 1970’s (early Disney World photochroms) to the 1870-1897 pioneer period (we have some of the earliest souvenir postcards). There are hundreds that are over 100 years old. About half of our postcards have been used with postmarks, messages and addresses. The rest are unused and can still be sent with
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