About The SWAG On Central

Joan and Ted are the current owners of The SWAG On Central. They fell in love with Downtown St. Petersburg, and then the SWAG, while working Downtown and frequenting the neighborhood shops.  The SWAG On Central was their favorite store.  To them it was the perfect blend of nostalgia, quirkiness, history, value and fun.   When the opportunity presented itself, they bought the SWAG. 

Now they enjoy presenting the experience to others.  For Joan and Ted, the best parts of the SWAG are its customers and the SWAG Team staff.  SWAG customers visit the store from a few blocks away and from around the world.  

Joan and Ted are very proud the friendly SWAG staff.  They share the owners’ love of the SWAG, its merchandise and the fabulous SWAG customers.


SWAG Team Member Kelly


Kelly loves vintage finds and shopping for unusual things. When she found the SWAG and learned they were hiring, Kelly knew the SWAG was the place for her.  Since joining the Team, she continues to routinely discover treasures at the SWAG; and in turn, loves to help others find that “special something” that speaks specifically to them! Kelly was born and raised in Clearwater, Florida.

SWAG Team Member Tate


Tate is a transplant from Kentucky, who wandered into the shop one day and has been there ever since. When she isn’t busy working as a musician and artist, you can find her at the SWAG putting her artistic touch on things and filling the “handy woman” role.  Tate can look at a new SWAG pick, see something no one else does, and repurpose it into a special piece.


SWAG Team Member Derek


Derek lives in Downtown St. Pete, a few blocks from the store.  He knows the local scene well and helps customers with great places to go and directions. He is key to keeping the SWAG organized and running smoothly; with a particular talent for making sure merchandise is in good repair before being displayed.  Derek (aka, the Refurbisher) came to St. Petersburg from the Chicago area.

SWAG Team Member Alyson


Alyson is a St. Petersburg native and antique/vintage enthusiast. As an anthropology major in college, she has a great appreciation for the stories and history behind many of the SWAG’s pieces.  Alyson loves to greet and help customers, from local friends and family she knows well, to new acquaintances visiting the Tampa Bay area for the first time.